Free Consultation/$30.00 - $60.00 HR

Our engineers will track record your song in the style of your choice. The music can be instruments, electronic or a mix.

YOU WILL GET: Music Recording, Mixing and Light Mastering, Full Rights and Ownership.

TRACK LENGTH: Up to 5 minutes

DELIVERY TIME: 3-7 working days



Seperate Full Mastering Fee: $80.00 (DELIVERY TIME: 1-5 working days)




A 100.00 or 25% deposit of requested Studio-time projected cost


Deposit applies to your final charges


Deposit only refundable if you cancel within 48hrs in advance. We always are understanding to the situations of being human, so talk to us if you feel there are extenuating circumstances.


Time and clock starts when the booked time arrives. You may extend time with studio manager approval, we never want to stop a great session, but we need to see if it runs into the next session of the following artist. 


You agree to be responsible for the actions of any of your guests that are here. Any work to be performed after you leave or before you arrive are at the same rate as if you were present. Trust us- we will be fair. 


* Downtime - i.e. equipment failures, will always be noted by engineers and generously extend your contracted time. Please understand that "things happen" and we will be as professional and fair as you would expect